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Rotterdam gay nightlife

The Rotterdam gay scene features a couple of bars, all situated around the Van Oldenbarneveltstraat and in the neighboorhood of the Westblaak.

Gay bars

Strano is a very popular hang out at night and a meeting point for many. KeerWeer is a very small, but very friendly bar which closes very, very late in the morning. Other popular bars are Lef...! and Nostra, which is a nice coffee and lunch hang out in day time.


Frequently gay parties take place, mostly at Gay Palace. Infamous like Villa Achterwerk and Betty Ford have unfortunately stopped in Rotterdam. Please check the for new parties to come.

Gay clubs

The main Rotterdam gay club is Gay Palace. Gay Palace is very popular on Saturday nights. Watch out for special theme parties now and then. For sex you need to go to Gay Play, the only sex and cruise club in town.